Kesavan’s Birthday with ffmpeg and mencoder

Hi there,

Today is kesavan’s birthday, shankar reminded us about this day before yesterday by telling that kesavan’s birthday is on Feb 19. So I bags a cake and went to room. I also called stalin to come to room.

I reached home at 11pm, within few minutes, stalin also came. But kesavan and santhosh didn’t come as per the timing. But we waited.

At 2am, santhosh and kesavan reached the room, and we wished kesavan with full of bumps, and beat him everywhere. He became frustrated and asked us to stop. We finally stopped and he asked “why you are beating me?”. We said today is your birthday, and he said, “Ada nadhari payabulligala, Innaiku illada nalaiku thaanda nan porandha naal”.

What a mess, But we said, “Parava illada oru naal munnadi adikarathula onnum thappu illa”. Then we started to prepare for the celebration. Santhosh started to capture that moments in stalin’s mobile(Its a Nokia 3500 classic).

Everybody enjoyed those moments and we captured that moment in mobile. Then kesavan, santhosh started to sleep, But something telling to me to do something with the video.

I transfered that video to my system and started to convert it to mpeg using ffmpeg, but it didn’t work, because ffmpeg don’t know howto decode smr audio stream. Thankfully mencoder knows howto decode smr audio. I used mencoder to convert that 3gp to mpeg4.

$ mencoder -oac lavc -ovc lavc -lavcopts acodec=libmp3lame:vcodec=mpeg4 -af scale=::::::qpal -o Video000.mp4 Video000.3gp

Converted that video to mp4 format. Now its time for ffmpeg to convert it into normal mpeg, because In my office, that windows media player don’t know how to play mp4. So I decided to convert it to mpeg then to avi. Here is the commands,

$ ffmpeg -i Video000.mp4 -ar 44100 -ab 128k -acodec libmp3lame -vcidec mpeg2video -s qcif Video000.mpg

$ ffmpeg -i Video000.mpg -ar 44100 -ab 128k -acodec wmav2 -vcodec msmpeg4 -s qcif Kesavan_Birthday.avi

everything went fine and we uploaded mpeg video to orkut through youtube and we mail .avi video to all our ignite friends.

That night is one dam good night for me. Here is the video,

Jeans BGM

Hello there,

Got pissedoff for the past two weeks, not have enough time to post. So just a quick BGM post. You know, I was studying 10th or 11th, Jeans came out and breaked every hearts of Tamil film fans. especially its BGM. One of the best BGM musics in the world.

I’m not a guy to say anything about the Music Genious, He is rocking with slumdog millinure. But I concerned about his mind today. because his music in the resent movies are not that much best than his past movies. You know!! In the past, His movies rocked for his music alone, But I’m not seeing that AR Rahman nowadays.

May be he is international star now, But he should see every film as his first film. Ok, enough bashing!! have this two amazing BGMs from Rahman.


(updated… on Apr 6 2009)

Hi mates,

I’m really happy to update this post, I felt that If I see the movie fully, I’ll get some amazing BGM, so I watched the movie and came up with another two new BGM’s, here they are,


This is probably one of the crappiest sounds, but If you omit car and plane sound and listen to the background music, it will defenately amaze you.


When I cut this part from the movie, I don’t know it will come like a remix, just listen the last sentense, its a funny coincident.


A wonderful Title song, If Hollywood want a title song, came and get from Rahman, Truly, he is fantastic when it comes to Title songs and BGMs ( I know, I know, he is the best in all).


Another one for a morning alarm, I already fixed this as my alarm, every morning senthil will wake me up, how about you?

Finally, this is one of my favourite scene from “Jeans”, Prasanth heart break into peace when the flight took off, but after coming to home and see madhu’s (Ishu) face, heaven is there for him, lets enjoy that movement with him.

Thunderbird pet package


One more post, I compiled thunderbird and created pet package using my new createpet script. That script is improving little by little. And it is doing good job so far.

I really stuckup with the .files file. First I taught it should be present with a pet package. But after seeing package, I realize that pet package manager is automatically creating that .files file. So I commented out and updated the new script.

I don’t know whether it is good or bad. But I’m really improving it and it is paying off. Also the another script createsfs is going to be useful, because seniors are talking to automount .sfs files on the fly. It will be really interesting if puppy get that advantage over other distros.

Talking about thunderbird, boy!! it the longest compilation my AMD Athlon 1.8GHz machine did. The final pet size is 16MB. But with all headers and libraries.

So here is the link to get the latest thunderbird for puppy.


Hi everyone,

Here is another festivel in madurai, FOSSCONF2009 going to take place at madurai TEC(Thiagarajar Engineering College). Last year, It happened in MIT chennai. I also presented an introduction about my favourite puppylinux.

This year, I’m going to take C under Linux. Its about howto compile C programs under linux. What are the tools available under linux to create Softwares under linux. Why we need Autotools and lot more.

I think it will take atleast 2 hours to introduce C one more time to them, because at this time, they will be practicing some 4th gen language. Its a tough ask, lets hope students will understand my english.

Indian Tamil Movie All BGM

Hi everyone,

Here is another post with BGM’s of INDIAN movie directed by shankar, casting Kamal Haasan, Manisha koirala, Uurmila, Koundamani, matrum palar. A R Rahman established himself as the king of tamil music during this time. Enjoy his fentastic background scores.

01IndianIntro.mp3 [link not working see new links at the end]
03SapnaIntro.mp3 [link not working see new links at the end]
12SaluteTheFlag.mp3 [link not working see new links at the end]
19SenapathyTheme.mp3 [link not working see new links at the end]
26IndianRap.mp3 [link not working see new links at the end]
issuintroedit.mp3 [link not working see new links at the end]

These files are created using firefox’s DownloadHelper plugin and mplayer. Most of the BGM’s were flash contents. I simple play them, while playing, I’ll copy the original flv file from /tmp directory or using DownloadHelper, then I’ll go to the command prompt and convert that flv file to mp3 like this,

$ mplayer -dumpaudio -dumpfile 19SenapathyTheme.mp3 19SenapathyTheme.flv

Thats all. you got your mp3 file back from flv container.

But I’m really missing one BGM played when Senathipathy escaped from plane fire and saying “If you currupt, Senathipathi will come back!!”. I’m searching for that BGM at the end. If someone know the link, kindly post here.

Updated (18/05/2009):

Hey, I got that final BGM, and 2 more extra,

EscapseFromCBI.mp3 [link not working see new links at the end]
SenapathiAmirtham.mp3 [link not working see new links at the end]

Man.. I searched for more than a year for this BGM(I-will-never-die.mp3), finally I got it.

I-will-never-die.mp3 [link not working see new links at the end]

And here is my favourite scene from the movie, patriotism all the way…”Vandhae.. Matharam”

Updated (22/06/2015):

Lost all the files which the above links pointing to. I have re-generated BGMs again (may not be the same ones as previous), here is the new links.



createpet script

Hi all,

After rearranging my partitions and installing puppy, I got tha hunger to build .pet packages one more time(Ya, I really enjoyed compiling and building pet packages using puppy through my pendrive). One mistake I did previously is, I didn’t put puppy into my hard disk. Yes, Its really a big mistake I did. It prevent me to interact more with puppy and diverted me to somewhere else.

But from last week, I’m always boot straight to puppy, from my experience, I would suggest, If you want real geekness, like how gentoo guys do, or how arc linux guys do, or how slackware guys do, then install puppy into your harddisk. Puppy is a perfect platform to do stuffs like compiling packages, hunting for dependencies, rebuilding, packing stuffs.

While using puppylinux, I felt that I’m missing my favourite browser, yes, firefox. So I download the source and started compiling, knowing that it will ask for different libraries, I fullfilled all the gaps by downloading and compiling the dependencies and finally got firefox 3.0.6 running in puppy 4.11.

To create packages, puppy have two scripts, one is new2dir and dir2pet. I used them on beginning, and lost interest with them. They are not giving enough flexibility to create .pet packages, So I went through dir2pet package and noted down what all files that script creating.

Then I started my own script to create .pet package from DESTDIR directory. After some initial testing I started to use createpet to create .pet packages. Here are the steps you need to do to create .pet package from source tarball using createpet script,

$ tar xvzf package-version.tar.gz

$ cd package-version

$ ./configure –prefix=”/usr” –sysconfdir=”/etc” –localstatedir=”/var”

$ make all

$ make install DESTDIR=”`pwd`-i686″

$ cd ..

$ createpet package-version-i686

or if you want a menu entry, then

$ createpet -m package-version-i686

Thats all, createpet will ask you some question. and finally your pet package will be ready with the name I also posted this script in puppylinux forum and people started to download. I’m waiting for someone to suggest something about the script.

You can also try this script and suggest me some improvements.


Mounam Pesiyadhe BGM

Ooh I love this music, Yuvan you are marvalous!! This is one of the best (I can say it is the best) from you!! keep rocking!!

Today suddenly I heared this BGM music one more time from Mounam Pasiyadhae, an unforgettable film I ever watched, the background music will take anyone to heaven. I have all the songs of Mounam Pasiyadhae, but don’t able to get this BGM music.

sometimes back, I learnt howto use ffmpeg, ffmpeg2theora, mplayer and mencoder, so I decided to download entire movie and do some stuff to convert that music into mp3.

While downloading the first part, my temper is out, I desperately want to convert that amazing background music immediately,  first I played the downloading movie part with mplayer, enabling(press key o) OSD output. mplayer started to play the movie, man!!! what a music!! I will hear this 2min  music for my lifetime :), OSD showed 00:02:12 as its passed time, I decided to use mplayer with -dumpaudio -dumpfile and -endpos 00:02:12 to dump audio only for that duration, but mplayer did differently. It dumped the whole audio upto the downloaded part of the movie. Damn!!

So its fallback time, I decided to go to friendly beast ffmpeg, here is the command I did,

$ ffmpeg -i TamilBlast.Com_Mounam_Part\ I.avi -t 00:02:12 -f mp3 -ab 128k Mounam_Pasiyadhae_BGM.mp3

Thats all, I got the perfect duration of that music. All ends well and I’m writting this post while hearing this BGM music, thana.. naa.. naa.. naananaa.. naaa.. na!!!

Mounam Pasiyadhae BGM.mp3

firefox 3.0.6 pet package

Hi all,

After long time I compiled a big app, firefox-3.0.6, I don’t know why that firefox package takes 18MB, but I’m sure it has all the devel stuffs.
Hi all,

After long time I compiled a big app, firefox-3.0.6, But the problem is, the firefox itself takes 18MB.

else here is the sfs file



I also wrote one script to pack .pet packages called Its not user friendly as new2dir or dir2pet, But it will help us to quickly build pet packages once we created a DEST directory. I’ll post that script in puppy forum  as well as here once I do some kind of testing and adding comment.

Until then bye.