Jeans BGM

Hello there,

Got pissedoff for the past two weeks, not have enough time to post. So just a quick BGM post. You know, I was studying 10th or 11th, Jeans came out and breaked every hearts of Tamil film fans. especially its BGM. One of the best BGM musics in the world.

I’m not a guy to say anything about the Music Genious, He is rocking with slumdog millinure. But I concerned about his mind today. because his music in the resent movies are not that much best than his past movies. You know!! In the past, His movies rocked for his music alone, But I’m not seeing that AR Rahman nowadays.

May be he is international star now, But he should see every film as his first film. Ok, enough bashing!! have this two amazing BGMs from Rahman.


(updated… on Apr 6 2009)

Hi mates,

I’m really happy to update this post, I felt that If I see the movie fully, I’ll get some amazing BGM, so I watched the movie and came up with another two new BGM’s, here they are,


This is probably one of the crappiest sounds, but If you omit car and plane sound and listen to the background music, it will defenately amaze you.


When I cut this part from the movie, I don’t know it will come like a remix, just listen the last sentense, its a funny coincident.


A wonderful Title song, If Hollywood want a title song, came and get from Rahman, Truly, he is fantastic when it comes to Title songs and BGMs ( I know, I know, he is the best in all).


Another one for a morning alarm, I already fixed this as my alarm, every morning senthil will wake me up, how about you?

Finally, this is one of my favourite scene from “Jeans”, Prasanth heart break into peace when the flight took off, but after coming to home and see madhu’s (Ishu) face, heaven is there for him, lets enjoy that movement with him.

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