Kadhalan BGM

Hello my friends,

Yesterday I asked Srinath, Naraen and Suganthi about what is their favourite background music? Srinath told lot of movies and he is really loving BGM, espcially from AR Rahman. Naraen also told lot of movies and suganthi already collected a bunch. After comming to room, I thought I can create BGM from my favourite movie ‘kadhalan’.

Kadhalan is a fentastic movie directed by shankar casting prabhudava, nagma, raguvaran, spb and a lot. During this time, shankar as well as rahman are new to this industry, this film made them from new to star. Rahman songs and its extrodinary BGM score will never go away from our mind.

Here I created a dozen BGM scores from this movie. All I did is,

1. Download the movie from desiterminal.org.

2. Watch it in mplayer with OSD enabled. So that I can see the exact seconds to cut the clips.

3. Use ffmpeg to cut the clips as well as convert them to whatever format you want.

I downloaded the movie from desiterminal(Kudos to you guys, thanks for the movie). Then I converted them using the below generic commandline.

$ ffmpeg -i moviepart.flv -ss starttime_hh_mm_ss -t cliplength_in_seconds \
-acodec libmp3lame -vcodec mpeg2video \
-ar 44100 -ab 128k clipfilename.mpg

Once I create the cllips, I moved them to a seperate directory. I used this below single command to dump the audio streams from the clips in mp3 format.

$ (for FILE in `ls`; do mplayer -dumpaudio \
-dumpfile "${FILE%.mpg}.mp3" "${FILE}"; done)

Thats all, I created all the interesting clips and also got them as mp3. Here is the BGMs.


I also included my favourite sceen here. After tremendous practice, prabhudeva will showcase his talent which was questioned previously by nagma. Prabhudeva learnt a critical art in bharadhanatiyam within short time where nagma learnt for a period of 6 year. She challenged prabhudeva previously and in this sceen prabhudeva takeoff his Ultra revenge. Hope all of you will enjoy!!!

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