keypressdetails plugin for gedit

Hi friends,

After a small gap, I’m back with a very interesting post, Atlast I created my own plugin for gedit, Its a plugin which will tell some details about the pressed keys.

I’m learning Gtk+ from the last september, I feel, If I came to know about Gtk, when I am In my college, I would have became very good now, But anyway, I’m learning in my part time, Now I’m able to understand something about GObject and all its greatness.

So here is my simple plugin, I attached a source tarball, which contains source file and a binary tarball with this post. Hope it will work with your machines gedit. Here is the steps to compile gedit source tarball.


1. checkout current gedit svn.

$ svn co gedit

2. Untar, keypressdetails_source.tar.bzip2 tarball and copy the keypressdetails directory to plugins directory under gedit source directory. Now Add keypressdetails directory to DIST_SUBDIRS and SUBDIRS in plugins/ Also add ‘plugins/keypressdetails/Makefile’ to AC_CONFIG_FILES in Then as usual,

$ ./
$ cd plugins/keypressdetails
$ make
$ make install DESTDIR="${HOME}"

3. Now you will see the, and keypressdetails.gedit-plugin files in your home directory. Copy these files to gedit’s plugins directory, (in ubuntu, /usr/lib/gedit-2/plugins). When you open gedit, it will automatically pick keypressdetails plugin. You can see it in edit->preferences->plugins. Select keypressdetails, and you will have one more option as Tools->keypressdetails.

Here is some screenshots,




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