Creating My Own Website with Zero Cost

First of all, I’m not at all a web developer and had very little interest to learn web technology. All started changing during my marrage time, I wanted to create a wedding invitation website just to invite my friends.

My invitation website got good response in office. my colleagues asked about how I managed to create it because I belongs to c/c++ croud and very few in my team have broad knowledge about web technologies to create a website.

I came to know about node.js when I was digging with spidermonkey and gjs. So, for me, node.js becomes obvious choice as I already know little bit about javascript through spidermonkey and gjs.

A little research about node.js exposed me to express.js(web application framework), jade.js(HTML Template engine), stylus.js(CSS Engine) and jeet.js(Grid system)

I then created my wedding invitation site. Initially, I thought I have to spend money to host my wedding invitation site, but I came to know more about Heroku from one of the talk in Ilugc. Soon, my research about PaaS environments introduced me to OpenShift from RedHat. Openshift provides free hosting and OpenShift itself is OpenSource.

So, All I have to do is, create free account in OpenShift, Install rhc gem in my laptop, push my website into openshift through git. Thats all. My wedding invitation site is accessable anywhere and I was able to impress my friends,colleagues and finally my wife.

My wedding invitation app gave me overview of how current web development works, so I decided to have my personal website which consists of blog posts and my photos gallery. Instead of using blog framework available for node.js, I decided to use my existing wordpress blog for blog posts and my existing google drive account for storing photos so that I don’t need to use any database for my personal website.

I wrote two node.js modules wordpressrest.js and googlerest.js to access contents in wordpress and google dynamically.

Finally, I was able to come up with somewhat viewable personal website

If you are viewing this Article through, checkout my personal website at and suggest me better ways to improve it.

SystemCtl Restart MyBlog

Its been 1yr 3months since I published my last post, lot of changes happened in my life. Just a quick look at my past


I got married on 06-Dec-2013 to Deepa (A facebook addict who always wants to be in touch with her friends). Atlast, there is someone who will scold me when I don’t eat/sleep/bath properly. I got a nice traveller now to travell with me rest of my life. My stomach is not burning when I go to multiplexes and malls after marrage :)

Moved to Pune

Moved to beautiful Pune on Oct-2013. Nice city. But, I’m missing ilugc meetings very much. I have to start going to lug meeting in pune.


Learnt GStreamer basics and wrote a module for dhvani-tts which can use gstreamer for playing sound.

Node.js & Web

First started learning during my wedding to create a simple website just to show my invitation, now developed a personal website using node.js (more about this in next post).

Well, nice to be back to blogging after a long gap.