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Its been 1yr 3months since I published my last post, lot of changes happened in my life. Just a quick look at my past


I got married on 06-Dec-2013 to Deepa (A facebook addict who always wants to be in touch with her friends). Atlast, there is someone who will scold me when I don’t eat/sleep/bath properly. I got a nice traveller now to travell with me rest of my life. My stomach is not burning when I go to multiplexes and malls after marrage :)

Moved to Pune

Moved to beautiful Pune on Oct-2013. Nice city. But, I’m missing ilugc meetings very much. I have to start going to lug meeting in pune.


Learnt GStreamer basics and wrote a module for dhvani-tts which can use gstreamer for playing sound.

Node.js & Web

First started learning during my wedding to create a simple website just to show my invitation, now developed a personal website using node.js (more about this in next post).

Well, nice to be back to blogging after a long gap.

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